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To get the kind of backlinks that will stand the test of timePanda and Penguin be damnedyou need a link-building strategy based on one concept: hard work. You don't' simply get" them by buying or trading for them, you earn them. The Wrong Way to Get Backlinks: Backlinks have long been an important part of a successful SEO strategy. They are so important that many website owners and shady SEO companies began buying into link-sharing and link-buying services. But, like any cheat, Google caught on and has been steadily de-indexing these services and blog networks. And if you cheat, once Google catches onto your cheating ways, your website is going to be in a world of hurt. All of the good, honest, organic work you've' done on your site will be lost.
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Below is the SERP overview for best seo tools using Ahrefs, a popular keyword among affiliate marketers. It has a difficulty score of 78, which makes it hard to rank for, especially if your DR is not in the same range with the websites on the first page. So, whats the best strategy to build backlinks to your affiliate marketing site? Creating detailed and useful content thats unique and relevant to your targeted keyword is a good starting point. But as an affiliate blogger, you cannot rely on organic links alone. To build relevant links successfully and effectively, I would narrow it down to the following three strategies.: Lets take a closer look at each strategy. Submitting guest posts is still worth it. It has two main functions: building your personal brand and authority is one and improving your domain rating through quality backlinks is another. And the more respected and higher DR website you get your guest post published on, the more authority you gain from it.
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These links hit the authority quality criteria for links. However, they greatly miss the mark with everything else. Plus, you dont want your website in the same neighborhood as some of the outbound links youll see. The thought process for using web 2.0s is similar to DoFollow blog comments. Youre trying to leverage the existing sites authority like Wix.: However, web 2.0s adds another level because they attempt to add artificial relevance. So whats the problem? Well, they arent editorial links, the content is low-quality, and you dont benefit much from the authority because its on a subdomain. Plus, the only way web 2.0 backlinks can have any benefit is if theyre indexed. And guess what? Theyre notoriously difficult to get indexed on Google unless you build tier two links. Now you know what backlinks to avoid like the plague. But now an important question arises.: Whats a Good Number of Backlinks? The key to knowing how many backlinks you need is to examine your competitors. And this process is called a backlink gap analysis. Heres how to do it.: Identify a qualified keyword target. If you dont know if your keyword is qualified, then watch this video.:
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To ensure you build high-quality backlinks and not low-quality links, look for websites that have these two attributes.: A high domain authority. You can use the Moz Pro Link Explorer to find a sites authority ranking. Domain Authority is a good metric to check out. Anything about 50 or above is generally worth it. Typically use do-follow outbound links. Do-follow links, as opposed to no-follow links, are a type of link that passes SEO value and authority to the site it leads to. Find Publishers With Influence Over Other Publishers. A benefit of having high-authority websites feature your content is that it creates a trickle-down effect. When authoritative websites share a story, many other lower-authority websites see the story and also cover it on their site. Links on influential websites usually trigger more links from other publishers. So as you look for publishers during your outreach efforts, target websites that are leaders in their industry and field. By focusing on a few big blogs, you will likely create more links than if you had focused on multiple smaller blogs.
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These techniques are all you need to build a formidable backlink profile.: Write Data Driven Content. Create Awesome Infographics. Write Blog Posts That Mention Other Bloggers. Get Included in Link Roundups. Find Broken Links and Replace Them With Yours. Get Linked To On Resource Pages. Use HARO to Get Cited on News Sites. Use The Moving Man Method. Give Testimonials That Link From High DA Sites. Rank in the top 3 SERP positions. Write articles that define technical terms in your niche. Apply yourself to these techniques and within a few months you'll' have enough high authority backlinks to get Page 1 rankings on Google! See More Articles on Building Backlinks. 10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority in 2019. The Top Ten Google Ranking Factors For 2019 1 Is Vital. How To Get Your Blog Post on the First Page of Google in 2019. Rob Powell shares the traffic building techniques that are working for him. Join him as he cracks the safe on search engine traffic for bloggers find out what works and what doesn't.
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Be sure to mention that theyre allowed to use your testimonial on their homepage, as thats where your link will get the most exposure. Testimonials on other sites are an excellent way to generate backlinks, but theres also an equally good option that allows for testimonials on your product or service to be a backlink source to your site. By offering it to bloggers in your industry free of charge. While this isnt exactly a free means of building backlinks, the cost is very minimal, and the results should pay for themselves rather quickly. So what you want to do is search for bloggers who do provide some reviews for products and services in your industry. Narrow the results down to the most official ones before moving onto the next step. This is where you want to make an offer.
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Although the major search engines generally say that it is difficult if not impossible to hurt another site through negative SEO, there are also reports of brands saying that their websites were impacted by backlinking from spammy sites. It is always a good idea to check your backlinks and make sure that they are from reputable sites and can help your search engine rankings. If you find links that are not up to your quality standards, you can disavow them so that Google knows that you do not want this site counted among your backlinks. Backlinks are the fundamental structure of the Internet and are a quality signal to search engines that your content is valuable and that people appreciate what you offer. The key to leveraging this signal to increase your pages ranking is producing high-quality content and getting it in front of the people who are likely to link to it. Follow the best practices, and use the tools available to you to get the most out of your backlink building and optimization efforts.
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If they dont publish it within a few weeks, dont be afraid to follow up! There are many opportunities outside of constantly creating new content to earn quality backlinks to your site. This is especially important if you can only commit a small portion of your budget to regular content marketing. In review, here are the five techniques you might want to try.: Get quoted in online publications by landing media interviews. Connect with local directories and other listings. Build up your ongoing partnerships via mutual links. Get involved in the community and be vocal about it. Write testimonials and reviews for the products your company uses. What other outside-the-box opportunities do you see for earning quality backlinks?
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